Anti-Islam film protests – every verified incident

Hezbollah leader warns US of repercussions over anti-Islam film

Bodyguards surround Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah as he denounces the anti-Islam film

EU heavyweights call for radical foreign and defence policy overhaul

Germany's foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, who launched the EU foreign policy proposals

Germans could be consigned to serfdom to save the euro

The Euro currency sign is seen in front of the European Central Bank (ECB) headquarters in Frankfurt

Israel’s defence plans reinforced against possible Iranian counterattack

Gas mask distribution

San Cristobal volcano erupting in Nicaragua

San Cristobal volcano erupting in Nicaragua

Canada severs ties with Iran

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has made a string of incendiary remarks in recent years about Israel's existence.

Iraq insurgents leave dozens dead with wave of attacks

Iraqi security personnel inspect the site of a car bomb attack in Nassiriya

How to tackle Iran

How to tackle Iran

Israel and the US would come to deeply regret air strikes against Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah

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