THE FEASTS OF THE LORD 2012 – No postponements


Leviticus 23: 2.   … “These are The Feasts of The LORD”, which ye shall proclaim to be “Holy Convocations”, even these are My Feasts!

Lev.23: 4…which ye shall proclaim “in their seasons” Lev. 23:5

In the fourteenth (day) of the first month (1st new moon) at even (from night of the 13th) at even is The LORD’S Passover.

To count 14, one must start from #1, so when is #1? That has turned out to be one of the most hotly contested questions among the flocks of God’s churches, not least because the bulk are following the Jewish religion of Judaism, who use a series of “postponements” which manipulate the days God commands in scripture, & are wrong in their calculations at least 60% of the time!

If we are of God, we should only be seeking to arrive at dates that do NOT involve manipulation of the dates God commands, in order to remain faithful,  in relation to our calling, as members of the body of Jesus Christ; (Eph.4:12;5:30; I Cor.12:12-20,27; Rom.12:5 )and in order to “live by every Word of God”, (Mt.4:4) while proving all things! (I Ths.5:21.)

There are so many places in God’s Word to quote from in relation to how important the faithful “KEEPING” of God’s Inspired Word is, but to keep it as brief as possible, Mt.7: 13-14 tells us that we must not go the broad way that the “many” are going in at, but God’s faithful commandment keepers must enter “the narrow gate”-This applies to God’s annual Sabbaths, just as it does God’s weekly Sabbath

We have NO-WISH to be among “them” who will sadly hear The Voice of The Lord saying unto them, “I NEVER KNEW YOU, “Depart from Me ye that work INIQUITY-(Lawlessness, or the breaking of God’s Laws & commands)

Those who have heard “His Sayings”, & have NOT DONE them! (Mt.7:23-24)

To get to DAY-1, we must have the correct NEW MOON, or Month, & that begins all years in the 19-year time cycle, on or around MARCH 20-21 for the EQUINOX.

This Equinox is a “benchmark”, which USHERS-IN the SEASONS, not, a rough guide as has some ERRONEOUSLY suggest. In fact it is so pinpoint accurate, that we can project forward from Astronomical tables, the exact dates of the feasts of the LORD many years in advance. Abib tells us we are in the right season, but “green-ears alone” poses many difficulties in this respect for those outside Palestine. However, they must work together, because unless we are in the correct “SEASON” we will not have green-ears to waive, therefore, the CORRECT New Moon is paramount


#1: The Vernal (Spring) Equinox, seasonal conjunction signals the correct season, (being spring) One day out is not acceptable with God, or Sunday worship rather than the 7th day Sabbath is accepted, then, in this case, the whole Law is cast aside!

#2: The correct New Moon closest the Spring-Equinox, is Abib 1-1st day of spring #3: If we have no green ears, we have the “wrong” new moon with seasonal observation proving that if in the correct spring month, “green-ears” will follow, as sure as night follows day!


This is just a quick reference E-Z-2-c guide of How to count this coming years Feast dates in accordance with God’s commanded instructions, some of which have been included here.

Please note: “Crescent-moons” are NOWHERE commanded to be observed in the Holy Bible- ANYWHERE! If you prefer half-truths, or innuendo, and traditions of  the Jews of Judaism, or of deceived men, none of this will make sense to you, even though we prove your vain traditions wrong before your very eyes!



 COUNTING GOD’S ANNUAL FESTIVALS FOR 2012 *All days begin eve’ before


All new-moons are calculated from Jerusalem from where the Lord spoke concerning all the seasons and the feasts of the Lord. This 1st equinox/conjunction beginning the year is March 20;

BEGIN COUNTING-From Your New E-Z-2-C calendar counter

The new moon in Jerusalem for the spring season 2012 following the spring equinox conjunction is March  22. (16.37 pm) Therefore Abib 1. is March 22.

1. We can begin to count as God commands in scripture to the Passover on the 14th (Lev 23:5) Count 14-days inclusively from the March 22 to get to Wednesday, April 4th,  beginning evening before.

Evening of Tuesday April 3, is therefore Passover for 2012 without postponements.

2. Wednesday April 4 at sunset is night to be much observed (Exo 12:42) and also ushers in 1st day of ULB.

3. Therefore, Thursday April 5 is the 1st day of unleavened bread. ULB (Lev 23:6)  {COMMENCING EVE’ BEFORE}

4.   Day 7 of ULB  April 11

* The Sabbath following day one of ULB is Saturday April 7, (Sabbath) and therefore wave-sheaf is April 8 (the morrow after the Sabbath) from whence we begin to count to Pentecost, meaning count 50.

For 7-Sabbaths to be complete we get to May 26. (Lev.23:15)

5. Day 50 and therefore Pentecost is May 27. (Lev.23:16) Which is the 5o th day following the 7 th complete Sabbath at sunset.

6. The seventh new moon in Jerusalem is September 16-Feast of trumpets

6. Count 10-days inclusively from 1st day of the 7 th month to get to Tuesday September 25, for the Day of Atonement.

7. Count 5-days more to Saturday September 30-1st day of FOTS (Opening night service evening before)

8.  Count 7-days to Friday October 6, day 7 of FOTS

9. Next day Saturday October 7,  8th and LGD  for 2012


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