The west’s last chance has come and gone through it’s foolish and self destructive political dogma of multiculturalism! British, American, Canadian, Australian, Dutch, New Zealand, European, Swiss, and even Israel have allowed the “integration” of this “religiously” based people to fill many nations all over the globe, to their very great detriment. The effects of their inhabitants are mostly evil, and with a dogma in their book, the Koran, dictating that all non-Muslims are to serve them, Christians are to be converted, or killed! At the same time, the men may have many wives, treat women like cattle, beating them if they decide it is appropriate, or rape them, it should astonish any with the host nations that they have so infiltrated them so cleverly and insidiously.

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Spring equinox heralds official end of winter

http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2012/mar/20/spring-equinox-end-of-winterDaffodils are seen in St James's Park in London

Why The Middle East?



The 2003 Coalition War to rid the world of the Iraqi Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship is tucked away in the annals of  history! It was all over in a matter of days. Doomsayers were completely confounded. Tens of thousands of protesters, and their professional demonstrators had their little moment in the sun.They would have faded away, or never got started had it not been for the existence and frenzy of the voracious  international media.

United Nations Organization demonstrated its impotence, having dithered for 12years. For the few who could remember, their dismal performance looked ominously like a re-play of the 1930s equally impotent League of Nations. They had managed to self-destruct by their performance, or lack of it, in the lead-up to what plunged mankind into WW II.

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THE FEASTS OF THE LORD 2012 – No postponements



Leviticus 23: 2.   … “These are The Feasts of The LORD”, which ye shall proclaim to be “Holy Convocations”, even these are My Feasts!

Lev.23: 4…which ye shall proclaim “in their seasons” Lev. 23:5

In the fourteenth (day) of the first month (1st new moon) at even (from night of the 13th) at even is The LORD’S Passover.

To count 14, one must start from #1, so when is #1? That has turned out to be one of the most hotly contested questions among the flocks of God’s churches, not least because the bulk are following the Jewish religion of Judaism, who use a series of “postponements” which manipulate the days God commands in scripture, & are wrong in their calculations at least 60% of the time!

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