ISIS defeated?

Islamic State WILL be overthrown and half its fighters have been killed!

Men sit down handcuffed together wearing orange jumpsuits

The terrorist group has shrunk from an estimated 18,000 to 10,000 and has been forced to surrender 25 per cent of territory it has captured.

Air strikes by allies and skirmishes with Kurdish fighters trained by British special forces have helped reduce the numbers fighting for the torturous regime.

A British Army colonel who trains the Kurds has now said the perception in the West that ISIS cannot be defeated is entirely wrong, and the opposite is true.

Kurdish fighters with a tank

The soldier, who cannot be identified for his security, told The Sun: “The reality is that there is a fragility.

“They are fragile and in a poor position and the day is coming when the house of cards will fall.”

Britain and the US have been joined by five other countries to train 150,000 Kurdish fighters.

That aura of invincibility is not there now

Brigadier James Learmont

The UK is teaching engineers bomb detection and clearance as part of the training and 125 British troops arrived in Baghdad a few days ago to help them out.

Brigadier James Learmont, who is attached to the US force fighting ISIS, added The Sun: “The tide of the battle is turning against IS.

A Kurdish fighter watch an explosion in the distance

The RAF have launched attacks against ISIS from Cyprus

“The prize is Iraq’s second city Mosul, home to two million and where the Caliphate was founded — now defended by a belt of booby trap bombs one kilometre deep.

“It is incredibly symbolic that we ultimately liberate Mosul.

“We cannot allow this organisation to remain active.”

Horrific stories of ISIS fighters beheading children, throwing gay men off roofs and raping women multiple times a day have become all too commonplace in the city.

But this week RAF gunners killed approximately 330 fighters, although the real figure is thought to be much higher.

Tornado jets which set off from Cyprus have carried out 300 lethal strikes and Reaper drones have dropped 218 bombs on them.

A British officer training the Kurdish Peshmerga, said: “This feels exciting, it feels like the effort is going to pay off.

“The Kurds are a warrior nation and they have long memories so don’t think they won’t want revenge or payback.”

Peshmerga Major General Mohammad Hasan, 60, has welcomed the training and explained how intent he is on eliminating ISIS.

He said: “These people have experience from Afghanistan, for us it is new.

“ISIS are monsters, they are against all humanity. Military rules say a soldier fights a soldier, not with civilians.”

Raber Ali Abdullah, 28, who has been a soldier with the Peshmerga for a while, added: “Before we acquired this training we never had a clue. Now we are ready to fight IS wherever they are to protect our country.”

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