More Muslim violence, Mayhem and CHAOS!

Baghdad car bomb

Firefighters work at the scene of a car bomb attack in busy, commercial Sadoun Street in central Baghdad.

Wave of bombings in Iraqi capital Baghdad kill at least 57

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Mandatory evacuation, red alert as Chile’s Copahue volcano comes to life


A family watches the Copahue volcano spewing ashes from Caviahue, Neuquen province, Argentina on December 22, 2012. Chile began evacuating 2240 people after the volcano became increasingly active. Picture: AFP

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Stockholm Riots, Sparks Debate over Muslim Immigration

Weak kneed Swedish having turned a blind eye to mass immigration for many years has clearly shown their multicultural program has not worked!

Stockholm riots


Germany’s P.M, Angela Merkel, and her Government have come to this disturbing “revelation” in the face of similar ethnic race and sectarian violence, caused by Islam’s extremist minority. In fact, the German Government have had to admit that Multiculturalism does not work!

To be clear, it is not only about mass immigration, but the fact that those from parts of Africa & the Middle East are the main instigators in this latest bout of disgusting unrest by Muslim youth. Again, and again, multiculturalism all over the earth in every age of man has proven that it does not work.

The so-called “religion” is an organisation of men, and of hate. Violence & crime has spread through our western nations like a plague without cure, with the authorities and liberal educated elite being part of, and sharing in the blame.

Take into account the left-leaning mainstream media, with political correctness being one of the attack mechanisms of the media on anyone that does not agree with their views, then add to that massive numbers being foisted upon our weak, unwitting and somewhat stupid western peoples like sheep to the slaughter we head!

What we are seeing time after time is disaster after disaster. Mankind will not connect cause with effect, and seems totally unwilling to see how this is impacting all of the effects we see playing out before our very eyes. One of the main problems our unwitting societies are being influenced through is again, the falseness of our western media outlets through all of this, who will word-shift in such terms as “Asylum-seekers” or “refugees”, when in fact they are neither. For the most part, they are financial-refugees. With the shifting of massive numbers all around the world in search of a “better life”, and allow so many troubled uneducated and brainwashed Muslims into our western democratic nations and what is the result? Chaos on unprecedented levels of scale. In fact all over the world wherever Islam & Muslim immigrants are concerned, and there has always proven to be anything but the peace they portray their “religion” to be!

As has been proven again this last week in London where a young off duty soldier was butchered by people who must be about as close to animals as can be expressed. Likewise, wherever their Nigerian, African, middle eastern, Sudanese, Libyan, Syrian, Iraqi Muslims have emigrated from, has seldom ever been anything other than war torn cities left in their wake. The funny thing about this, (If there can be a funny side) is that the very war-torn and troubled nations they have left behind in search of peaceful, and perhaps even democratic nations, become mirror images of what they left behind! War, death, misery and oppression are all they seem to know, and sadly, what they bring with them.

The above are  very sad indictments on our western “leaders” who allow the pinko-liberal left-leaning (snivel) libertarian and media driven ideologues such as multiculturalism, (which has never worked in any country) and multi-“faith” peoples to live side by side, when their doctrines clash on every level! Had they admitted “genuine” refugees into their borders, and required them to learn to speak the native language, and generally assimilate as a profitable member of the society, that might have gone along way to eliminating what we now see destroying the hosts cities  from within, in every country to which they have come.

One might be forgiven for thinking that “blind-Freddy” could see the results in advance, but Sweden in particular, has to be mentioned as one of the worst cases of stupidity, where they give free housing and social security payments to new immigrants, and with all of their hospitality the result from these immigrants, and especially the Muslim element, is demand after demand, riots, destruction of public property, and of course as mentioned earlier, a mirror image in the host nation of what the Muslim immigrant left behind in his own war-torn and violent country.

When will the host nations of such ignorant actions sit up and take notice, connect cause with effect, and put a stop to current, as well as future violence instigated by uncontrolled, ill-disciplined, uneducated and violent Muslims?  [Read more…]


Ephraim in Bible prophecy, as has been proven over many years, is the younger son of Joseph, who was to become the “company” of nations, whereas his older brother Manasseh, was to become the single great nation, the United states of America.

Both nations received their physical blessings as promised in the blessing of Jacob, when he crossed his hands, and placed them on the two-sons of Joseph, adopting them as his own sons, to thereby receive the greatest blessings with the 12-patriarchs.

The blessings of great material blessings were not to be received until many, many hundreds of years later after Israel’s punishment for 2,520 years.

Ephraim did become the greatest company of nations as part of the two-fold promises God made to Abraham, passed down to his son Isaac, and then Jacob, his grandson. (Gen.12:1-3; 22:18.) The promises were again confirmed later  to Jacob in Gen.28:13-14; and Gen.35:11

But the inheritance was dependent upon obedience, and were meant to possess the gates of their pagan enemies, not become submissive to them, and they have but one seagate that remains to them today, in the form of the Falkland Islands. WHat a sad fall from the greatest company of nations to have ever been in all human history!

Now, we see foreign idol worshippers killing our brave young men in the most brutal and horrific manner! This is one of many disgusting attacks that must be answered with force. One truly terrible element about this is that these people were welcomed into our lands, and shores, and the attacks are from within, a particularly devilish aspect of the terrorist nature of this vile attack. The only answer is to purge the nations of these anti-Christian, anti-western people and religions, and get back to segregated nations and pure peoples apart from sectarian, religious and terrorist violence within our own borders!

Unfortunately, there is little remedy for Ephraim, indeed for all the tribes of Israel today, except the coming Great Tribulation, a time of world conflict so great, Jesus Christ, (Yeshua) said there has never been the like, no nor ever will be! Matt.24:20-22.


There is a way of escape, but if not for the elect, that time would not be cut short. I pray all who have ears to hear, and eyes to see, heed this warning.

God help us to see the Word of God in Bible prophecy as Gods light in a dark world. (II Peter.1:19-21.)  That is afterall, the whole purpose for humankind, to walk in the light of God’s truth, and be saved at the return to this earth of The Son of God!


London terrorist attack: victim and attacker named as two more arrested

Drummer Lee Rigby

PHOTO: Drummer Lee Rigby, who was killed on a street in Woolwich in south-east London, had served in Afghanistan, Germany and Cyprus. (Reuters/Ministry of Defence)

he British soldier butchered on the streets of London by two suspected Islamists was a 25-year-old father who had fought the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Defence named the victim of Wednesday’s bloody attack near a military barracks in Woolwich as Lee Rigby, a machine-gunner with 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

The lifelong Manchester United fan and drummer in the military band had also served in Germany and Cyprus but was at the time of his death working in London.

Rigby’s family has issued a statement saying the father of two-year-old Jack “would do anything for anybody”.

One of Rigby’s attackers has been named as UK-born Michael Adebolajo, 28, from the city’s east.

Adebolajo and his accomplice are both in a stable condition under armed guard in separate London hospitals after they were shot by police at the scene of the crime.

A 29-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman have been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder in connection with the killing.

Police raided a home in Saxilby, Lincolnshire and another house has been searched in the south-east London suburb of Greenwich.

Suspects known to police


Media reports said both suspects were known to security services.

Sources quoted by the BBC said reports that the men had featured in “several investigations” in recent years, but were not deemed to be planning an attack, “were not inaccurate”.

After the attack, the Islamist extremists, holding knives and a meat cleaver in their bloodied hands, asked passers-by to photograph and film after the attack.

One delivered an Islamist tirade to a man filming the incident on his mobile phone.

Watch the ITV footage (warning: contains graphic images)

The two men told witnesses at the scene they targeted the victim to highlight their opposition to British troops in Muslim countries.

Both men appeared to have converted to Islam after being raised by Christian immigrant families, reports in British media said.

Mr Cameron has held an emergency meeting of the government’s emergency response committee to assess the response to what he called a terrorist attack.

The head of MI5, the domestic intelligence agency, attended the meeting along with the defence and interior ministers, the head of Scotland Yard and London mayor Boris Johnson.

“We will never give in to terror or terrorism in any of its forms,” Mr Cameron said outside his Downing Street office.

“This was not just an attack on Britain and on the British way of life, it was also a betrayal of Islam and of the Muslim communities who give so much to our country.

“There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act.”

Inside San Pedro Sula – the most violent city in the world

Jesus Christ (Jehoshua) warned that the time signalling His return to this earth would be as it was in the days of Noah;

“But as the days of Noah were were, so shall the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away: so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord does come. Matthew.24:36-39, 42.)


What do we see all over the earth as it was in the days of Noah?  Great Wickedness of man in the earth, evil imaginations & only evil continually, violence, violence, violence, in drunkenness, drugs and crime of every possible form! Families being torn apart by human Governments seeking to change the natural order of one man, one woman, into something which is wholly unnatural, to be “re-defined” as male/male/female/female, with “Scientists” playing god, and creating “life” in test-tubes. Children being neglected, and the unborn baby being ripped violently apart either in the womb, or as it emerges, many still alive!

Man will never connect cause with effect, the scriptures tell us that man is ever learning, but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth,

(II Tim.3:7) and yet, God WILL have ALL men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Amazing, yet true. (I Timothy.2:4.)


The fact that Christ warned that this time would be like it was in the days of Noah,  will not detract man from his purpose, because Noah was recorded by the apostle Peter to be a “preacher” of righteousness, and as he was building the ark for around a hundred years, he no doubt would have been “preaching”, or teaching righteousness of all or most of that time.


All who will heed and listen, this message is for you, NOW to HEED, to turn your life around, begin to obey and believe God!

Covered-up body of a man shot dead in San Pedro Sula

The covered-up body of a young man who was shot dead lies at a crime scene in San Pedro Sula. Photograph: Jorge Cabrera/Reuters

No matter the time of day or night, morticians stand guard by the gate of the city morgue, waiting for the next body to be released so they can offer their services to grieving families. In the most violent city in the most violent country in the world, they never have to wait for long.

“Satan himself lives here in San Pedro,” says one nervous mortician who asks to be identified only as Lucas. “People here kill people like they’re nothing more than chickens.”

Last year, an average of 20 people were murdered every day inHonduras, a country of just 8 million inhabitants, according to the Violence Observatory at the National Autonomous University of Honduras (NAUH). That’s a murder rate of 85.5 per 100,000 residents, compared with 56 in Venezuela, 4.78 in the US and 1.2 in the UK.

In San Pedro Sula, the rate is 173, reportedly the highest in the world outside a war zone. The city is the country’s manufacturing and commercial hub. Dozens of maquiladoras – export assembly plants – churn out New Balance T-shirts and Fruit of the Loom boxer shorts for markets abroad. It should be a bustling place, but there is little movement on the streets and the air is tense. At newsstands, headlines cry out details of the previous day’s grisly crimes. Few cars have number plates; most have black-tinted windows.

The small number of police patrolling the streets breed more fear than security among residents, given the extreme levels of corruption within the national force that reportedly go all the way to the top.

Honduras is caught in a vortex of crime – drug trafficking, gang wars, political upheaval and fierce land disputes matched by equal doses of impunity and corruption.


grainThe following message is a sermon given last year on the day of Pentecost, or feast of firstfruits, also called in the Old Testament, the feast of weeks, because they we are to count 7-complete weeks to arrive at this day, from the day following the Sabbath, around the time of the feast of unleavened bread. This message is about the awesome nature of God’s power, called the Holy Spirit, which this day commemorates the first introduction to the church of God, at it’s official beginning, and is available to God’s first fruits, called in scripture, the elect. See Titus.1:1; Romans.11:5,28.

This year, the day of Pentecost arrives on Sunday May 19, 2013







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God’s Holy Day Feast Dates 2013



Roman   First Day of    Passover*     Days of     Pentecost

Year     Sacred Year                            ULB

2013        Mar 12         Mar 25       M/A  26-01   May 19


* All Days Begin Previous Evening at Sunset


FOR GOD’S CHURCH & GOD’S VERY ELECT WORLDWIDE                           

Roman     Feast of        Day of         Feast of         The Last

Year      Trumpets   Atonement   Tabernacles    Great Day

2013        Mar 12         Mar 25       M/A  26-01   May 19




Boy, 13, from Scotland slit friend’s throat in Xbox row


Gears of War


A 13-year-old boy has admitted slashing the throat of a 14-year-old boy after a fight over Xbox games.

The boy, who cannot be named because he is underage, met the victim online in December 2011 and they started playing online games, including Gears of War 3, a game that carries an 18+ rating.

The Daily Record says the pair from Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire in Scotland met up and became real-life friends but soon had a falling out, which led to name-calling on the Xbox.

However the fight escalated on April 14 last year when the pair ran into each other and exchanged heated words.  At that  point the accused held the victim by the throat and slashed his neck.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that the accused sneered at the victim saying “don’t die” before calmly walking away.

The 14-year-old required 20 staples in his neck and the attack has left him scarred.

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Asylum seeker boat arrival near Christmas Island the biggest this year

Asylum seekers

AUSTRALIAN authorities have intercepted a vessel carrying 184 asylum seekers and two crew – the largest boatload to arrive this year.

The overloaded fishing boat was found north west of Christmas Island on Wednesday.

Asylum seekers were taken to Christmas Island for initial healthy, security and identity checks.

The mega boat follows a record month of arrivals in April with 3316 people reaching Australia by boat.

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School closed after boy bashes teacher with baseball bat

Baseball bat

A SCHOOL has been closed after a teacher was hit on the back of the neck by a primary school student with a baseball bat.

The attack, which happened on Monday, was the latest in a string of violent assaults on staff at Angurugu School on Groote Eylandt, in the Gulf of Carpentaria, The Northern Territory News reports.

Ther Year 7 student has been suspended for a month. The male teacher is recovering.

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