Why “natural” disasters? That’s a good question!  If you are an atheist, you will have your scientifically based answers. The bulk of mankind often calls these events, “mother-nature”!

In the highest selling book ever written, the Holy Bible, a man after God’s own heart, (Acts.13:22) David, king of Israel  had this to say; Whatsoever the LORD pleased,that did he in heaven, and in earth, in the seas, and all deep places. He caused the vapours to ascend from the ends of the earth; he makes lightnings for the rain; he brings the wind out of his treasuries. (Psalm.135:6-7)

Mankind will not accept the truth of his own creator, let alone this truth of his astonishing power, and yet paradoxically, he, mankind will pray to images of imagined gods, made with man’s hands, and “think” they will be saved by them?

The one true God revealed himself through his Son, whom he sent to earth some 2-thousand years ago, who also revealed the Father, even as the Father revealed him. (John.5:37)

This same LORD reveals all necessary knowledge to all whom the Father draws to him. (John.6:44)

And there is a God in heaven which reveals secrets…(Daniel.2:28) The answers to all mankind’s perplexing questions, who he is, how he came to be, his supreme purpose for existence, and what is the way to achieve that awesome purpose God opens and alleges in His coded book! .

The Holy Scriptures tell us that man is ever-learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth! (II Timothy.3:7)

That is the reason he will continue to blindly stumble from one disaster to another, economically, politically, militarily, educationally, and scientifically, because he knows not the way that leads to the answers and truth of all these most intriguing questions.

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Moon phases for UTC


Article-God’s Holy Calendar 2012



God’s Holy calendar for 2012 will be outlined here, (albeit briefly) for all who are seeking e-z-2-see calculations and answers to this seeming controversy in God’s churches in the 21st century. We believe God’s holy day calendar has become a further Sabbath test in this final-era of God’s church era, the 7th, and final era. Normally, we would show a great deal of background to the entire teaching of this crucial doctrine of God. But in order to keep this all as straight forward and easy to work out in the shortest period possible, we will skip the usual technical, and other information which you may request from us at any time. See God’s calendar challenge; 1 & 2.

For now, let’s begin with WHERE to get started;

No.1;  Is which month to begin God’s holy days: They begin in the 1st month of the year as God defines, not man.  And that month, is the month of “SPRING”,  The 1st ‘NEW-MOON” of the new year in the land of Palestine. As God said to Israel; This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you. (Ex.12:2) That month is the month Abib. (Ex.13:40) meaning, “green ears” of barley, or first-fruits, which only occur in the month of spring, the season which dictates when the new spring growth will appear. We must therefore figure the correct month, as this is “vital” in figuring all of God’s correct feast dates in their seasons!

The 1st month of spring is EASILY figured from Jerusalem, through either national observatories, easy to down-load via the internet, or by a call to these organisations who should be able to send one out. My astronomical tables, which show the conjunctions of the moon and sun, called equinoxes,  are heavenly ordinances the Lord designed to occur in order to keep the planetary orbits for earths ecology and entire environment balanced and sustained, while pointing His people to the LORD’S festivals, called the feasts of the LORD, which occur in their seasons.

This 1st equinox, is called the spring, or “vernal equinox”, a CONJUNCTION which signals the month in which the new plant life will begin to emerge, called in scripture ABIB, meaning 1st-FRUITS, and which ties so masterfully together with God’s plan of salvation for mankind, as His first-fruits of the earths harvest, just as the 1st-fruits of the plant kingdom are harvested “in-their-seasons”, so shall God’s first fruits, His saints be harvested as the first fruits of all humanity, to be resurrected at the return of Jesus Christ. This changeover from winter to spring, signals to all plant-life the new-seasonal change, as it begins to warm, for the 1st fruits to emerge as this new seasonal warmth increases as the earths elliptical orbit nears the sun.

All new-moons are calculated from Jerusalem from where the Lord spoke concerning all the seasons and the feasts of the Lord. This 1st equinox/conjunction for the year is March 20;

The new moon in Jerusalem for the spring season 2012 following the spring equinox conjunction is March  22. (16.37 pm) Therefore Abib 1. is March 22.


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