Russo-Indian exercises Aviaindra-2014 begin in Russia on Friday

Two of World’s greatest military forces join to carry out war exercises  together! When will the world wake up & realise it is headed toward another World War??

With wars in the middle East on a scale not seen perhaps since the war of the Crusades between so-called “Christian” forces and the Byzantine empire to the Ottomans of the middle ages around the 10th century. The evil that is now being perpetrated in parts of the middle east, in Syria, in Iraq, in Gaza from the Terrorist forcesof Hamas, and many other parts of Africa from Boko Haram and other evil Islamist extremists is rising to a crescendo of proportions that will eventually engulf the U.S. and western allies until only the return of Jesus Christ will prevent mankind form annihilating himself!

“For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, (of war) no, nor ever shall be. (again) And except those days should be shortened, (cut short) there should no flesh be saved. (Alive) but for the elects sake. those days shall be shortened. (Matt.24:21-22.)

That prophecy from the mouth of Christ Himself tells us that as sure as night follows day, it will come to pass, and all the many prophecies of this event are found in the books of the Holy Scriptures.

If You want to KNOW, and want help to be saved out of this time of world trouble coming to your nation, write for your free copy of “WILL THE WORLD END THIS WAY” & many other provable booklets, and enrol in your free Bible Correspondence course, child, youth and adult courses free of charge, made available by the faithful offerings of God’s little flock.

LIPETSK, August 29. /ITAR-TASS/. Joint Russo-Indian exercisys “Aviaindra-2014” begin in Russia on Friday. An active phase of the aerial maneuvers will be held in Voronezh at the Pogonovo range and in Astrakhan Region at the Ashuluk training range, Colonel Igor Klimov, spokesman of Russia’s Air Force, told journalists.


A Russian Su-30SM fighter

“Russo-Indian crews manning the aircraft Su-30SM, helicopters Mi-35 and Mi-8 are to make joint flights with firing at ground targets, and drill the refuelling of Su-30SM aircraft in mid-air by the tanker plane Il-78,” Klimov said.

Russian-Indian naval drills in Russia’s Far East enter active stage

The Russian Air Force spokesman said, “Besides, joint air defense crews at Ashuluk military range will repulse a strike by a simulated enemy with field firings of anti-aircraft missile systems S-400, S-300, “Buk-M1″, and anti-aircraft missile-and-gun system Pantsir-S1.” The purpose of the exercises will be to train joint Russo-Indian crews in accomplishing various function tasks.

The exercises will continue until September 5.


An ebola sufferer arrives in Spain

The ebola virus that has killed almost 1,000 people in West Africa this year is fatal for “up to 90%” of those infected, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). But note the words “up to”… What is the normal fatality rate, asks James Fletcher?

The WHO describes ebola as “one of the world’s most virulent diseases”. It is, according to the organisation’s website, “a severe, often fatal illness, with a case fatality rate of up to 90%“.

A case fatality rate – or CFR – is a relatively simple measurement. It’s the number of people diagnosed with an illness divided by the number of people who die because of it. But in the current outbreak, the proportion of infected people dying is far lower than 90%.

“That 90% figure actually comes from one outbreak of ebola which took place in the Congo between 2002 and 2003. It’s the highest rate we have ever seen,” says Maimuna Majumder, a biostatistician and epidemiologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The answer

  • Between 60% and 65% of all people known to have been infected with ebola have died
  • Different strains of ebola appear to have different fatality rates
  • The number of deaths also depends on the quality of treatment
  • About 54% of those infected in the current outbreak have died

“The cumulative average considering all ebola cases and deaths from 1976 to the presentis actually closer to 60-to-65% and the current outbreak has a CFR of about 54% – though it’s subject to change as the outbreak goes on.”


Jesus Christ is not a personage that is readily accepted in our modern world today as a PROPHET, but the truth is, He Spoke as The Father commanded Him. (John.12:49-50.) And it was The Father who sent Him to Speak, even though, in the main, the world into which He was sent did not accept the message He came bearing,  nevertheless there were many significant and powerful reasons, a genuine purpose for that visitation!

One of the many prophecies He gave was that there would come times and signs leading into a world conflict so great, there has NEVER been the like, nor will ever be again after it! Matthew.24:21.

But in order to give understanding to those whom His heavenly Father would choose throughout the following ages to come to understand those prophecies, Jesus Christ, The Son of God gave many warnings and signs of what would lead into that time of world conflict just prior to the close of mankinds age. What? “The close of mankinds age? What does that mean…mankinds age??

It means God The Father gave a definite period of time for mankind to govern himself, to form his own governments, educational systems, family structure, food system, trade, monetray policies, armies and defence, legal, medical systems and rule of Law, etc, etc.

Mankind has proven beyond any doubt to all with eyes to see, and ears to hear that he has failed SPECTACULARLY on every conceivable level of human formed system.

What do we see all over this troubled earth? VIOLENCE! Wars, murder, disease, nation against nation, even within nations, civilian wars! We see escalating violence of every evil kind in rape, robbery, mob violence, almost constant protest of this group or that group protesting to achieve their particular agenda.

We see families being ripped apart in divorce, children losing the stability of a loving mother and father because parents cannot work out their problems between themselves, prefering to look for another “partner”, one of the many foolish terms of this world. Many don’t even believe in marriage today, saying it’s only a piece of paper! This is only one of thousands of errors mankind goes about saying, downplaying the awesome covenant God gave to mankind to “bind” them together in a lifelong union, and a union which gives stability to the entire family, with  one man, and one woman joined together in holy-matrimony. Though the world does not know it, God gave this covenant to man as a type of the perfect and holy marriage of His Son and the one true church. (See Ephesians.5:25-32.)

The world as we know it is prophesied to end, and another to begin. That world will encompass God’s Holy perfect Law, where death and violence will not exist, where all will dwell under their own vine and their own fig tree, an agrarian world of plenty, where humans will be taught to live the-way of God, where the Government will be headed by Jesus Christ Himself, where no corruption exists, and where everyone will give, instead of get, instead of violence, love, instead of hate, murder, suppression of truth, will be goodness, kindness and productivity in every sphere of life!

The fact that this man, Jesus, is generally  accepted even by the muslim world as a prophet, but the so-called “Christian” world does not, but “thinks” he was some long-haired weakling who couldn’t save himself, not knowing anything about His purpose, or the message He delivered is astonishing to those who do understand what He SPOKE! That in itself is a mystery, in fact, one of many mysteries.

What did He prophesy of the region into which he grew up as a human? “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, You that kill the prophets, and stome them which are sent to you, how often would I have gathered your children together, even as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings, and Ye would not! Behold your house is left unto you desolate. (Matthew.23:37-38.)

He prophesied that signs would point those with eyes to see and ears to hear to understand from these prophetic indicators, showing what would begin to occur in the world, to show those whom He wouild choose to see how all these events would begin to take shape.  See Matthew.24:6-7, 15-22.)

Many such early indicators exist in the Word of God, to warn all those who know and see all of these things are happening, and would want to know how to avoid this world trouble, which is coming, and would come just prior to His imminent return to this earth, to take ove the Government of mankind, and begin an entirely new and different world altogether, and that world will be THE KINGDOM OF GOD!

It is coming, and the fact that nation is rising against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, that there are famines, and pestilences on the rise, with earthquakes in diverse places. We can know of a surety, that these prophecies of the man Jesu Christ of Nazareth spoke as He was commanded to by The Father of Glory! As also the Holy Bible says; “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for dcotrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished in all good works. (II Timothy.3:16.)


We pray for all those who DO want to avoid this coming time of world conflict, to urgently and without delay go before God to seek Him while He may be found, before it’s too late, and the door is closed, so that they, you, may turn your life around and seek Him that you may be saved, you and all that pertains to you, because what is coming is so horrific, so awful, and we know is in reality it is the coming war, called World War III!

Do NOT delay, we are beginning to blow the trumpet in Zion, for the chruches to repent, to get back to God, and to the Rock from whence you are hewn! As for all others, REPENT, and seek God’s protection, the time is short, the night is far spent.

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