The west’s last chance has come and gone through it’s foolish and self destructive political dogma of multiculturalism! British, American, Canadian, Australian, Dutch, New Zealand, European, Swiss, and even Israel have allowed the “integration” of this “religiously” based people to fill many nations all over the globe, to their very great detriment. The effects of their inhabitants are mostly evil, and with a dogma in their book, the Koran, dictating that all non-Muslims are to serve them, Christians are to be converted, or killed! At the same time, the men may have many wives, treat women like cattle, beating them if they decide it is appropriate, or rape them, it should astonish any with the host nations that they have so infiltrated them so cleverly and insidiously.

As far as the writer is concerned, all men, and women are equal in God’s sight, that any form of bullying, harm to others, forcing of one’s beliefs on any person, or persons, young or old, is to be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Strangely, or not strangely, depending on your understanding, their preachers are permitted to preach hatred against the nations who have graciously allowed them to come into our western nations, in whatever part of the world they have been taken in, and viciously rail against the people and Governments of each and every nation on earth wherein they reside! The vitriol, the hatred, the anger is so far beyond the pale, so astonishing, so breathtaking, any which many of us who feel this way are so stupefied as to the unadulterated blindness and complete ignorance gripping our nations “leaders” of Government, of education, of the media, of business and commerce, would take a stand and immediately change this incredible situation before it is too late! Terribly, and frighteningly, it is too late, we are now in the end days leading to the time when Satan’s wrath will be allowed to be unleashed on an unsuspecting, blinded world held captive by the arch deceiver of all mankind from the beginning. Genesis.3:1-13; Revelation.12:9.

Why cannot our so-called leaders see what the everyday average person in each of these countries and societies see? What am I talking about? Starting at the smallest misdemeanors, we see angry violent muslims gang raping young unaccompanied girls here in Australia, because in their “opinion”, they, the young girls caused the rape, or rapes, because they are so scantily clad, and are “meat”, in the words of one of their preachers who defended these young punks who committed these heinous crimes. Our cities are being transformed through weak politically correct Governments, wanting to appease other weak-kneed politically correct nations, and together with the left-leaning snivel-libertarian educated elite, and media forcing this evil agenda on us, we stand little chance to voice our opposition. And when anyone does they are branded a “RACIST”!!! Yes that’s the common catch-cry in today’s modern societies and cities, because of the unthinking, and those who will not use what God gave us between the ears to use-The brain! Segregation is not racism, we are to love all peoples, and help them where we can afford to, not turn our collective backs on them because they do not have the money or ability to help themselves. The Bible account of the man who had been robbed and left to die, revealed the hardness of heart of a Priest and a Levite who passed by the man,  but a certain Samaritan had compassion on him. (Luke.10:29-37) Compassion, love of our fellow-man, our neighbour is a long forgotten value in this world. Even some, so-called Christians DO have prejudices against other of their fellow human brothers, but that is not the way God shows in the Bible. Does this mean we are to welcome all and sundry into our nations, and cities? NO! In no way are we permitted by the Creator to intermingle our nations, and interbreed. Does this mean we are racists if we say these things? It does if you don’t believe God’s word! Turn to Deuteronomy.32:8. God separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the people!

God is a God of awesome creative genius, colour and variety, with each and every son of Adam, each and every tribe of  man to love one another, knowing that one is no better than another, but that does not mean he is to become a great melting pot. Or God would have created one colour and one nation, not many, I know many will never accept this, but that is most certainly their problem. God’s way is the way of giving and serving, not hatred, not all being divided against one another, nor oppressing any other human brother for ANY-CAUSE! And yes, many nations are guilty of this, but the fact that the West has lost her wealth, opened her borders, let down her defenses, trashed every good value once formerly held aloft and treasured, has nothing but crime, violence and wickedness filling her nations, with the filth of homosexuality, Lesbianism, loss of family values, replaced by every hurtful effect, yet we do nothing, except sit on our collective hands.


All of these evils were long ago prophesied of thousands of years ago in the prophets through the influence and inspiration of Almighty God, but every man under the evil influence of a master deceiver called Satan the Devil, has deceived all mankind against his very Maker and designer, the ever-living majestic God!

Quoting from a publication entitled, THE WESTS LAST CHANCE, we find truly astonishing and frightening prospects for the west, with far ranging implications that any with eyes to see will end in disasters far worse than radical Islamist s have already inflicted thus far! The author says the following;

At the heart of the West’s flawed response is a virulent political correctness and psychological denial of the nature and magnitude of the radical Islamist threat. He says In October 2005 Paris exploded in Muslim violence, for three weeks Paris burned! Yet did Paris, indeed France’s political leaders make sweeping changes to prevent or stop this from ever happening again? Did they say, thus far, but no more? Did they draw the proverbial line in the sand and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH?? NO!!! The author continues by saying not only should this event have been reported as one of the most historic events of significance, given it was the greatest urban violence to hit France since World War II, but it was carried out almost entirely by Muslims, yet it was routinely reported as the third or fourth story each day in the news throughout Europe, and given a paltry minute and a half! Astonishingly, the left-leaning BBC media spent 15-minutes on earthquake relief in Pakistan, weeks after the actual earthquake.

The author, like many of us today, says that the world (generally) today is not only in denial about the truly appalling consequences of radical Islam, and as in the Paris riots, refuses to accept even unambiguous evidence of it’s    (sinister) exitence.



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