Stockholm Riots, Sparks Debate over Muslim Immigration

Weak kneed Swedish having turned a blind eye to mass immigration for many years has clearly shown their multicultural program has not worked!

Stockholm riots


Germany’s P.M, Angela Merkel, and her Government have come to this disturbing “revelation” in the face of similar ethnic race and sectarian violence, caused by Islam’s extremist minority. In fact, the German Government have had to admit that Multiculturalism does not work!

To be clear, it is not only about mass immigration, but the fact that those from parts of Africa & the Middle East are the main instigators in this latest bout of disgusting unrest by Muslim youth. Again, and again, multiculturalism all over the earth in every age of man has proven that it does not work.

The so-called “religion” is an organisation of men, and of hate. Violence & crime has spread through our western nations like a plague without cure, with the authorities and liberal educated elite being part of, and sharing in the blame.

Take into account the left-leaning mainstream media, with political correctness being one of the attack mechanisms of the media on anyone that does not agree with their views, then add to that massive numbers being foisted upon our weak, unwitting and somewhat stupid western peoples like sheep to the slaughter we head!

What we are seeing time after time is disaster after disaster. Mankind will not connect cause with effect, and seems totally unwilling to see how this is impacting all of the effects we see playing out before our very eyes. One of the main problems our unwitting societies are being influenced through is again, the falseness of our western media outlets through all of this, who will word-shift in such terms as “Asylum-seekers” or “refugees”, when in fact they are neither. For the most part, they are financial-refugees. With the shifting of massive numbers all around the world in search of a “better life”, and allow so many troubled uneducated and brainwashed Muslims into our western democratic nations and what is the result? Chaos on unprecedented levels of scale. In fact all over the world wherever Islam & Muslim immigrants are concerned, and there has always proven to be anything but the peace they portray their “religion” to be!

As has been proven again this last week in London where a young off duty soldier was butchered by people who must be about as close to animals as can be expressed. Likewise, wherever their Nigerian, African, middle eastern, Sudanese, Libyan, Syrian, Iraqi Muslims have emigrated from, has seldom ever been anything other than war torn cities left in their wake. The funny thing about this, (If there can be a funny side) is that the very war-torn and troubled nations they have left behind in search of peaceful, and perhaps even democratic nations, become mirror images of what they left behind! War, death, misery and oppression are all they seem to know, and sadly, what they bring with them.

The above are  very sad indictments on our western “leaders” who allow the pinko-liberal left-leaning (snivel) libertarian and media driven ideologues such as multiculturalism, (which has never worked in any country) and multi-“faith” peoples to live side by side, when their doctrines clash on every level! Had they admitted “genuine” refugees into their borders, and required them to learn to speak the native language, and generally assimilate as a profitable member of the society, that might have gone along way to eliminating what we now see destroying the hosts cities  from within, in every country to which they have come.

One might be forgiven for thinking that “blind-Freddy” could see the results in advance, but Sweden in particular, has to be mentioned as one of the worst cases of stupidity, where they give free housing and social security payments to new immigrants, and with all of their hospitality the result from these immigrants, and especially the Muslim element, is demand after demand, riots, destruction of public property, and of course as mentioned earlier, a mirror image in the host nation of what the Muslim immigrant left behind in his own war-torn and violent country.

When will the host nations of such ignorant actions sit up and take notice, connect cause with effect, and put a stop to current, as well as future violence instigated by uncontrolled, ill-disciplined, uneducated and violent Muslims? 


They have been put on notice by the latest attack on an innocent young man in his own nation, by Nigerian Muslims in the most savage manner, and for the entire world to see. Will they actually do something about it this time? You and I know they will not, and further acts of animalistic brutality will continue to affect our western Christian peoples all around the globe.

In an article entitled “Swedish Multiculturalism Goes Awry” author Soeren Kern pinpoints the reckless nature of this failed policy, where in the last week, the results and effects have manifested itself with more Muslim violence on our western streets. In this case, at least 100 masked Muslim youths set fire to cars and buildings, smashing and vandalizing property, while hurling rocks at the Police and rescue services in Husby, the western district of Stockholm!

Amazingly, (or not so amazingly, depending on your view) instead of putting an immediate stop to this lawlessness and violence against the city that has blindly taken these undisciplined Muslims in, the authorities have weakly played into the hands of the criminals, bolstering their resolve to continue their actions in not snuffing out the violent actions of these criminals without delay. Had they crushed the evil actions of the perpetrators, incarcerating and punishing them according to our Laws, they would have sent a strong message to such people that this will never be tolerated!  In fact, it has been said by Muslims, that we as westerners are weak, and that is why they continue on this course of so-called “religious” violence.

Likewise, the steady decline of western values, morals, Laws and way of life has stunned many around the world, with literally no one in any nation you care to mention, prepared to stand up to evil.  Where have all the strong leaders gone? (Isa.3:1-4.) “For behold, the Lord, the LORD of hosts, does take away …….the mighty man, and the man of war, the judge, (Have you Seen many crimes properly punished by judges lately?) and the prophet, and the prudent, and the ancient…….And I will give children to be their princes, (leaders as children in the mind) and babes shall rule over them. And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.


We have all seen this in in every country around the world, in Australia in recent times, Muslims have violently rioted in the streets, and the Police are expected to be punching bags and targets for their rocks and Molotov cocktails! An amazingly wrong and opposite set of actions, to those required.

The evidence shows this to be the case all over the world, no matter what politicians say, the “religion” of Islam and Muslims will continue to attack us from within our own borders, and they are laughing at our incredible weak response, and the latest battle lines have been crossed in Sweden, and in London’s grisly and savage attack on an innocent Law abiding citizen, and upon decency and order. When values such as being able to walk down the street without fear of attack, or murder have been dismantled, what is left? ANARCHY and LAWLESSNESS! Oh, but don’t say anything, or they will accuse you of the “R” word. WHat word? RACISM! Not the truth, that they are an evil and violent and lawless people without remorse, without a skerrick of conscience, love, or values.

The blood soaked hands of the black Nigerian murderer speaks loudly to all in authority in every English speaking, western country; ISLAM HAS BROUGHT THE WAR TO YOUR DOORSTEP! Will you continue to cower and bow to the enemy even within your own borders? Or will you stand for your national interests, lands, and defend your people? The Nigerian killer attempted to use the “excuse” that “their” women and people were being killed in similar fashion in their lands, blaming the west for the violence they themselves have instigated all over the world, and at every turn. A blatant lie brainwashed into the frivolous minds of a people willing to believe anything they are told, and all in the name of so-called Allah?

Tellingly, our dumbed down politicians are either too stupid to see, or admit that this war must be taken to them, and instead of reducing our counter terrorism measures as has been reported in this last week, they should perhaps spend less on giving foreign aid  to other needy countries, and apportion far greater funds to beefing-up our national defenses! What a hapless, clueless and gutless people we have become.

Another good article written by foreign editor Greg Sheridan in the Australian Friday, May 24 pinpoints the fact that the trouble even in Syria at this time is not as a result of the west, as Iran, Syria Al Qaeda and other revolutionaries proclaim, but is another lie.

It is as a result of warring factions within the Muslim religion itself! The west are always blamed by the extremist elements within an angry and chaotic Islamist land, where killing is normal, where women are regularly accused of adultery and executed in front of their families, and the public! Lands where girls are forced into marriages with older men who “think” its O.K. to rape children. Other horrific situations going on in Muslim lands in the name of Allah and Islam are too cruel to contemplate, and yet they are a daily occurrence not worth mentioning in the mainstream media? Oh yes, occasionally, we see the wrecked face of a once beautiful young girl who had acid thrown in her face by cowards riding motorcycles, her life in ruins, like so many hundreds and thousands in these war torn lands.

I quote now from that article in which Greg Sheridan reports this; “This means that retain these central counter-terror capabilities, the internet companies which carry these calls, (of terror suspects) must be required, like telephone companies, to keep records of them, in a process known as data retention. But the relevant parliamentary committee on data retention has not produced a report, and the Gillard government has not produced any data legislation. As a result, our ability to combat terrorism is in a slow but steady decline. At the same time, two government-appointed committees have recommended watering down, or scrapping several key anti-terror Laws, even though there is scant evidence of abuse of these Laws. We are disarming, as our enemies are gaining more recruits and new motivation. That is not smart on our part”.

The leaders and authorities in our countries and nations can’t seem to connect cause with effect, when letting this evil come into our borders to continue doing what they have in so many cases, been raised  to do naturally, in the ruins and misery of  daily violence, within a “religion” based on hate, destitute of human compassion, kindness and love.

What they also do not want to acknowledge, is that they, the leaders, politicians, lefties, the media, and the educated elite, are sowing the seeds of destruction, and we are helpless to do much except reap what they sew!

God help us to have the courage in the face of all this, to fight against the tyranny of evil, and never take a backward step, because there is God in heaven who will put a stop to all human misery, a God of mercy, a God of love, NOT a God who will accept violent Nigerian Muslims butchering our innocent while shouting God is great, but a God who will put in place Laws and a way that no man will ever be permitted to transgress!

Mans time is almost up, his weak Governments are ready to be swept away as the the refuge of lies, hatred, violence, war and oppression he, mankind have always caused throughout every millennia of mans sad history on earth.

The answer for his people today is found in the books of the Bible, not the Koran! God encourages us to Seek the LORD while he may be found…

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