Dear brethren of God’s church T.V.E, & God’s elect worldwide, & to all the scattered called, who fear God:

To bring you up to date with latest developments, we first of all wish to give all of you thanks for your support through another difficult year in this world, as Jesus Christ said, in the world, ye shall have tribulation, but in me, ye shall have peace!

By way of announcements, & to let you all know, we have moved headquarters to the southern state of Victoria in Australia, from Sydney, in the state of New South Whales. A new GPO box will soon be set up in Melbourne, but all can continue to contact us through the website, email, and phone.


In relation to world events, if you are “WATCHING”  world events are taking shape through prophesied global conflicts, nations rising against nations, & kingdom against kingdom, famines & pestilences  and earthquakes in diverse places as the beginning of sorrows!

These events we  are leading in to the most HORRIFIC time, the prophesied time of WORLD conflict, called the great tribulation. Matt.24:21-22. A time such as has NEVER been, no, nor EVER will be again! How few have heeded the terrifying implications of this coming WORLD WAR, the 3rd, and LAST war for mankind, at the very end-age. This is not a fear religion, this is the religion of the Holy Scriptures, the religion of the Most High God, who in his loving mercies, warns, encourages & teaches the way that leads to life, the way the world is going, believing, and thumbing their collective nose at Almighty God, the way of sin, for which wages is death, is diametrically opposite!


The time is coming, & will come when all, or most are slumbering, and loving to slumber, both physically, and, especially, spiritually, with many putting these ‘evil-days’, far from them, and some saying, Oh no, things will just go on as before, and we will have peace, we had similar situations as we have now, so did we back in the 1960’s, with the Cuban Missile crisis, and the closing of the Panama canal, the hundred year war, conflicts, strife’s etc, etc. For any who “think” this way, THINK AGAIN! That would be a major mistake.

As we know, world events are taking shape now with many crises’ of all kinds in many nations, from disrupted & wild weather patterns, to religious, multicultural, societal, national or global anarchy, on every possible front. With lawlessness, violence & evil growing in lack of parental care, discipline and training via family breakdown, globalism, and many, many other related problems. No man could ever have foreseen this to occur some 2,750 years in advance, but the eternal God did!

“And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable. And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them. The shew of the countenance does witness against them; They declare their sin as Sodom, they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves. (Isa.3:5,4,9.) These are just a minuscule sliver of the pronouncements God made against the tribes of Israel who were scattered by God over the entire world, and the punishments to soon be meted out upon an UNHEEDING people!


The middle east is shown in many, many prophecies, Old Testament, and New Testament to be the hot-spot in the grand smash climax to man’s age, with recent events in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Syria, & Israel, for starters,warning us that this is not going to change, at least in the short-term!

Likewise, with the rising European Juggernaut, like an unstoppable freight train at high-speed ready to crash world economies, we will see a slimmed down 10-nation union, from the current 27-member union, whether amalgamated into a revamped 10-nation power house, or, a revised, and slimmed down 10-member union, resurrected out of the ashes of economic and fiscal failure, from the sheer weight of unrelenting debt, that now pervades the E.U, through their financial instruments, the ECB, and others, and the “whore” sitting astride this rising Beast power!


As this Euro-power house continues to pick up other financially struggling Euro-members, and along with these members, their debt, they, the E.U, must either continue to fund, or cut them loose. At the minute, Greece is going through a kind of death-throes, with a great deal of financial pain for decades of financial mismanagement, now choosing to ignore strong fiscal recovery as properly advised by the leaders of the E.U, the Germans, especially. Regardless of what happens short term, the result as revealed by the living God will be, typical of man’s institutions, a WASTELAND of misery, pain and suffering for all who put their trust in the “strength” of man. As God warns in this context in Jeremiah.17:5; “Cursed is the man that trusts in man, and makes flesh his arm,  and whose heart departs from the LORD.

The downfall of the Euro’ is shown in scripture to come at an instant,  and major re-shuffling of world powers, perhaps even the collapse of some will result from a vortex created sometime not too far ahead. Nevertheless, we in God’s church do not pretend to know the precise details of all that is shortly to come to pass, but only those things which Bible prophecy reveal will happen.

As all of these, and many other inter-related events begin to come to pass, Bible prophecy reveals another shifting of the tectonic plates, with half of the church not ready, (the exact proportion is unknown-see further) where the teaching of Jesus Christ showed that there would be 5-wise, and 5-unwise ‘virgins’,  referring to the churches at the time of the end, which would have become lukewarm, (spiritually) Rev.3:14-20. with their ‘lamps’ having gone out! (no oil-quenched the Spirit-I Thess.5:19.)

It is the elect of God, who will not have quenched the gift of God’s Holy Spirit, are still growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, proving ALL things, repenting daily, remaining close to God, walking in all His holy commandments, in total submission and commitment to God, and His coming kingdom, and it is those that we are reaching out to, as many as the Lord our God shall call! Acts.2:38-39; Those who are not being deceived by the cunning of false ministers, who teach for filthy lucre, instead of being prepared to hazard their very lives for the name of Jesus Christ, and feed the sheep, and lambs of God, and Christ.

Any who are reading this now, may be some of those elect, to whom God is extending a final opportunity, and a mighty arm of salvation!

If you are one of those, we are prepared to assist, and be fellow helpers of your faith and joy in the LORD Christ. To you who do rejoice in the things of God, hearken, the God of Glory, The father of our Lord Jesus Christ has scattered his people, to sift and sort them into at least these 2-main groups, either, Wise, or Unwise, which group any of us are in, depends entirely on whether you are responding appropriately to the calling of God Almighty, or, whether you already “think” you stand… God is not a respecter of persons, regardless of whosoever the person is, if they are living in obedience to His Laws, great and small, and heeding all the commandments of Jesus Christ, as He said, he that loves Me, keeps my commandments…(Jn.15:1-10.) He that loves me not, keeps not my commandments…This may sound all too simplistic, and there is a great deal more to this entire situation, granted, but these are the nuts and bolts!

If you, like us, believe you are in obedience to all of God’s Laws and commandments, then, it certainly won’t hurt for you to at least check out what we are talking about, nothing to lose right? Right! But if you are not keeping God’s way, and word appropriately, then this is an opportunity you CAN’T Afford to miss!

To you, we extend an invitation, whether all alone, or in a group, whether a minister, or member, to seek the truth of what is written here. In an honest and open heart, let us together seek the Lord, while he may be found. As God advises in Isa.55:6-7; … Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts, and let him return to the LORD,  and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.



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