Ecuadorian hostility, typical of Anti-British, Anti-West hatred

Typical of so many South American nations whose obvious jealousy against big-brother Britain/U.S sentiment always rears it’s ugly head, whenever any “opportunity” arises, ready to boil over with this ridiculous international stouch of one-upmanship!

When will Ecuador wake up to itself and begin to play ball with the rest of the natural thinking world? The proclivity of Ecuador and this childlike resistance to allow nations natural justice with such a traitor is predictable, considering their unfounded resistance to allowing Western authorities to try an out of control individual such as this.

Little wonder then, that they have ramped up their resistance in this absolute debacle with the traitorous and treasonous Assange, who in a recent interview with the 60-Minutes Program, stated that he would be railing against the Australian Political process, by putting his name into the hat, to stand for Prime Minister of the the nation of Australia! This is while he is in his Ecuadorian “prison”, which isn’t a prison, and where he stated in this interview, that he could “run Australia”, and lead this nation to which he is estranged?

One might be forgiven for thinking that he is completely mad! One might even connect this madness with the madness of Ecuador’s position, standing on the side of this madman, who justifies his every action – including the alleged rape charges brought against him. Surely, any normal thinking person might think that if he is innocent, surely he has nothing to fear if he were tried in a court of Law? That is unless you had something to hide.

And all the while, this traitor is reveling in the international press coverage he receives from the grubby and greedy media, who refuse to expose him for what he is. In fact his own father is one of the main problems, and who supports his shameful stand against this indecency, should have corrected him when he was a child, but Assange’s adult conduct reflecting his father’s ineptitude and weakness in raising a traitor, should have caused massive embarrassment, instead he too foolishly and blindly backed this madness!

When will South America, in this case, Ecuador, and others wake up to itself, and get on board in striving to rid our nations of grubby backstabbing traitors such as Julian Assange, and work together on a united front against the big problems facing our hi-tech world, such as the threats of espionage, terrorism, national and international bankruptcy, illiteracy, violence, drugs, violence, disease, malnutrition and starvation.

If mankind were more focused on tackling these massive tasks facing humanity, we might have a better chance of being free of the Assanges of this world!

Julian Assange Britain WikiLeaks

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks speaks to the media and members of the public from a balcony at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Source: AP

ECUADOR threatened to sue Britain in international venues over the status of Julian Assange if it rejects a bilateral commission proposal.

The WikiLeaks founder took refuge in Ecuador’s London embassy in August 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden for questioning in two sexual assault cases.

Assange fears Sweden will hand him over to American authorities for prosecution for publishing a massive trove of classified US documents. But Britain has refused him safe passage to Ecuador.

In hopes of breaking the deadlock, Ecuador has proposed creating a bilateral commission to resolve the issue.

“We are hoping for a response, including one in writing, from (the British) and if they do not do so in a few days we will have to prepare an international suit so that the United Kingdom respects international law,” Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino said in an interview with Ecuadoran public radio.

If London rejects the proposal, Mr Patino said, “we will have no alternative but to go to international judicial venues to compel respect for Ecuador’s right to grant asylum, and their obligation to provide safe conduct.”

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